I've lived in Asia for almost 7 years and never recorded anything that has happened to me or taken any photographs. It is like I have never existed. this blog aims to remedy that. I may even buy a camera!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Well, Easter is upon us again and spurred on by Lee's reappearance in cyberspace, I've decided to perform another update.

Despite having spent my entire salary already on flying, the boys persuaded me that I needed a set of quality headphones now that I am a "real" pilot.

After absoloutly no research whatsoever (should have got Lee to do it as he enjoys that kind of thing), I purchased these Dave Clark sweeties. Apparently they are overpriced and crap, but they look damm sext and are made from carbonfibre so who gives a damm.

Actually the only guys who report problems are the open cockpit flyers, and they should know to buy helicopter headsest in the first place.

Because of this purchase and the total of hours I have to make this month, Grace and I will not be spending our two weeks in the comfort of the Oasis hotel. Oh no...none of that upper crust nonsense. We'll be staying here... :(

Yes, It's the Omni hangar. Sorry Grace!

I'm sure it will be fine and the hangar costs as much a month as the Oasis costs a night...

It will be fun to sleep with the planes and eat, breathe and sleep aviation for 2 weeks solid.

I'll let you know how it all pans out. Cheers

Monday, March 05, 2007

As promised...some more images from our San Fernando trip. Enjoy.

This weekend was flying time again and Stef and I were off on another solo overnight RON (remain over-night) flight up to San Fernando.
First stop - Lingauyen airstrip. Nasty crosswind and tree induced windsheer always make this a tricky bugger. I was number one and made a passable landing in tricky conditions.
The locals played chicken with Stefs aircraft and he almost bagged on on touchdown...really. It was captured on video so I'll post that later on the school server for your entertainment.
the bottom picture is a group of students I met who were touring the airstrip with their teacher. They clambered eagerly into the aircraft before i remembered i'd left the keys in the ignition..dooh.
Then it was off to San Fernanfo for a beautiful, long approach into runway 01. 4/10 only for the landing but not to worry...hehe.
Spider (yes really) owns the resort next to the runway on the beach. He picked us up and when we got to the resort it was packed with pilots. word had spread. Should have been Stef and I only in two Cessnas. Eventually 8 aircraft filled the ramp...very unusual for san Fernando and 11 pilots in total were checked into Spider's resort.
You can imaging the craic. First class.
As you can imagine...Stef and I didn't cherish the flight back next morning but it had to be done. Omni now have to contend with a bridge and a raised lighting pole bang in the middle of the approach to 02. Its painted orange so we can at least see it before we hit it! Flew a much higher approach than normal and came all the way in in a steep glide. Pulled a pretty short and damm fine landing off and was hard on the brakes. Lock / unlock all the way down but achieved A3 taxiway despite the clouds of dramatic cloud smoke. Hehe. More weekend pics to come plus the link to Stef's landing vid. Cheers!